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Now you can create and edit even complex mind maps quickly, clearly and intuitively with mobile devices.

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Mindz is

a mind mapping tool that is fast, intuitive and chic. One with which you can structure your thoughts, collect ideas but also plan projects. In contrast to the usual mind maps, Mindz follows a somewhat different operating concept from which mobile devices in particular benefit greatly.


Mindz Pro at a reduced price

As part of the current beta phase, we offer the Pro version of Mindz at a reduced price.

Mindz Pro Beta
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Hello Mindz

Check out our beta playlist on YouTube. Here we will soon publish more helpful short clips like this.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I test Mindz?

    Because Mindz makes it much easier to work with mind maps, especially on mobile devices. The goal was to improve the input and navigation on mobile devices to such an extent that even complex mind maps can be created and edited easily, quickly and clearly. We claim that we have succeeded. But just test the app yourself.

  • How can I participate in the beta of Mindz?

    The Mindz beta runs directly through the Google Play Store. In order to participate you have to register as a beta tester. You can do this easily here for Mindz Free or Mindz Pro. You can find more information about this topic in the Google Play help.

  • What exactly does Beta mean?

    The Beta is about giving interested users an early insight into the development of a software. But early insight also means that errors can occur. It is not yet a final release, but becomes one in exchange with the community. That's why we ask everyone who is interested in our app to actively participate in the beta.

  • What can I do if I notice bugs?

    In case of problems with the app, it is important to remain calm. In the menu you will find a help button where you can contact us directly. Explain to us as exactly as possible what the problem is. You can also send us screenshots. No matter how you contact us, we will try to help you as soon as possible to improve Mindz together.

  • What should I do if I have ideas for new features?

    If you have any ideas for new features or if you miss something that you think should be integrated into the app, please contact us. Simply click here via the website or directly via the help in the app. We are always interested in good ideas, even if of course not everything can be implemented immediately. However, we will advise each request internally and answer it in due time.

  • What is the difference between the Free and Pro versions of Mindz?

    In Mindz Free you can currently create a maximum of 3 maps with 40 nodes each. The app is free and contains no annoying advertisements. The Pro version does not have this limitation. Mindz Pro also offers a few exclusive features that can be used even more effectively. You can see exactly what these are in the beta phase, best in the app description in the Google Play Store.

  • Why is Mindz charged in beta?

    We decided to do this because everyone who buys Pro now will stay after the Beta Pro user. As a small thank you we have reduced the price of the Pro version in the beta phase but significantly. Mindz doesn't have to be deleted and reinstalled after the beta is finished. All users get an update to the final version which will be updated regularly.

  • Who's behind Mindz?

    Andreas Schulz (Birch Ave) and Thomas Schulz (Thanschu) are the heads behind Mindz. We are two brothers who have been professionally active in the digital world for many years. With Mindz we have decided to combine our skills to develop our first app.


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