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Structure your thoughts simply and clearly in lists to visualize them as beautiful mind maps.

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Mindz is

a mindmapping tool that allows you to structure thoughts, collect ideas or plan projects in a simple and clear way in lists. You can visualize the nested lists as beautiful mind maps, present them or send them to others.

happy about 75.000+ downloads, 1400+ reviews and a average 4.7 star rating on Android + Windows. And now we are looking forward to the Apple universe.


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Check out a short preview of Mindz. You can find more videos on our YouTube channel or in the How To section.

Video Preview

List View

structure your thoughts

Create mind maps clearly arranged and focused on your thoughts in lists. The intuitive navigation is extended by favorites, breadcrumb and the map view, which makes working very comfortable.


Detail View

expand your thoughts

Thoughts are often more than just a few words. That's why every entry has a detail view. Here you can add things like a description, a color but also an image, an icon, links and attachments.


Map View

visualize your thoughts

In the map view you can structure your thoughts as a mind map and customize them visually with the designer. The finished result can then be easily sent to others in different formats.


Mindz Pro

The Pro version of Mindz has no limitations and includes useful features to work even more productively.

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Also great on Tablets

On current tablets, list and map view work together perfectly. This is especially useful for presentations. But decide for yourself if you want to watch or present your beautiful mind maps in split or full screen mode.


Reviews from the Play Store

  • stars
    “Nice app. Pleasant to use, beautiful design, support responds quickly. I am satisfied! Thanks for the quick implementation of my idea.”
  • stars
    “Overall I think this is the best app for mindmapping I have used.”
  • stars
    “Very good app, easy to understand! In case of problems/questions the developers will answer quickly - TOP”
  • stars
    “Great application to give structure to content. Particularly helpful is the operation via the lists and the structure path.”
  • stars
    “A very good Mind-Map app. Especially the combination of map view and list view convinces.”

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I use Mindz?

    Because Mindz really simplifies working with mind maps, especially on mobile devices. The goal was to improve the input and navigation also on smaller displays to such an extent that even complex mind maps can be created and edited easily, quickly and clearly. We claim that we have succeeded. But just test the app yourself.

  • What is the difference between the Free and Pro versions of Mindz?

    In Mindz Free you can currently create a maximum of 3 maps with 40 nodes each. However, it is completely free of charge and does not contain any annoying advertisements. In the Pro version there are no restrictions and even some practical features that make you more productive. You can see exactly what these are in the description of our app in the Google Play Store.

  • Can I send my mind maps to others?

    Yes, you can export and send your mindmap as image, PDF, OPML, HTML/Text and Markdown. In addition, you can also send the complete mind map including all contents as a zip file. The recipient can then import this file into his Mindz version. A direct collaboration is not yet possible.

  • Can I synchronize my mind maps with the cloud?

    No, not yet. However, you can send an export of your mind maps to any location. No matter if it is a messenger, the memory on your mobile phone or a cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox if you have them installed. But it is clear to us that a smart cloud solution makes sense. That's why we will deal with this topic soon.

  • What can I do if I need help using the app?

    In the menu under Mindz you will find the help. Here you can contact us directly. Just choose the appropriate request and we will help you as soon as possible. You will also find a link to our YouTube channel where we publish helpful Howto videos.

  • What should I do if I have ideas for new features?

    If you have any ideas for new features or if you miss something that you think should be integrated into the app, please contact us. Simply use the contact form here on the website or the help section in the Mindz App. We look forward to your ideas.


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